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Hi there. If you have clicked onto this part of our website then you want to know who we are.

Colleen Corbett is the creator of the whimsical characters, Lagoonies.

In Laguna Beach, California there is an art show called the Sawdust Art Festival. It is a 40-year-old show held every summer. Only artists who live in Laguna may be members of this show. In 2004, The Sawdust Art Festival became 3rd in the USA, in the top 10 arts and crafts festivals.

11 years ago, Colleen Corbett became a member of the Sawdust Art Festival. It was in this festival her bright and whimsical characters became available to the public. Colleen painted them on canvas. Colleen made prints and cards from the original paintings. She cut them out of wood and used acrylic paint to bring them to life. The Sawdust chose her bright style and design for several tee shirts which were sold to the public.

In 2001, Colleen became great friends with another Laguna local, Monica Jackson. Together in 2004, they were having lunch and decided that her zany characters needed a name. During that business meeting, they came up with the name Lagoonies.

The women trademarked Lagoonies in 2004 and reintroduced them with their name in the Sawdust Art Festival that year. In 2005, the women felt that Lagoonies should be available to the world. With their website up and running by 2006 they feel their mission to bring joy and laughter globally will begin. It is their hope that all who visit the website, find Lagoonies a bright and happy spot in a world that seems to have forgotten to smile, laugh, and play. Thanks for visiting and let the women know how you feel about Lagoonies.

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